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Registration and morning coffee for all sessions is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

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SESSION A: The key principals of ICO and crypto investment

For investors wishing to add cryptocurrencies or ICOs to their portfolio will acquire the fundamental knowledge needed to understand these volatile markets and evaluate their investments. This In-depth session is an introduction explaining how cryptocurrency markets work, why the technology landscape plays a crucial role for investors, and how to evaluate blockchain business models.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Discovering blockchain and distributed ledger technology - what it is, and what it isn’t
  • Understanding cryptocurrencies as a new asset class, including the emerging sub-classifications
  • Discussing global cryptocurrency markets and how they operate
  • Exploring centralisation, decentralisation and the concept of open source, and how this relates to investment
  • Understanding token design and token economics
  • Explaining the nature of cryptocurrencies and ICO investments and understand why it matters
  • Defining when and how to invest in cryptocurrencies and build a diversify crypto portfolio
  • Identifying how the technological landscape is evolving and how it plays a role when investing
  • Discussing the Australian legal and tax implications of cryptocurrencies trading


Beau Stoner
Cryptocurrency Australia Media
Principal, Blockchain Management Solutions
SESSION B: How to run a world class ICO

Entrepreneurs wishing to develop their start-up with an ICO will have the opportunities to learn the process step by step. It includes raising the fundamental questions relevant to evaluate the feasibility of a project, the strategies to adopt when developing an ICO and the methodology behind branding and trust building.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Defining an ICO, highlighting its potential and assessing whether your start-up needs one
  • Understanding the use of tokens when creating an ICO and the tools needed to issue your own cryptocurrency
  • Discovering what it takes to be a world class ICO and the mistakes to avoid
  • Learning how to build trust when launching a crowdfunding start-up using cryptocurrencies
  • Identifying mistakes to avoid when formulating a white paper
  • Discussing how to create a healthy platform that will serve investors’ interest as well as yours
  • Thinking about the future of your start-up after the ICO
  • Elaborating on the ICO regulations

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